Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

Al Qaeda MURDERERS Find a Friend IN the White House.

"A federal judge on Thursday REFUSED to postpone the first military trial set for next week at the Guantanamo Bay detention center, REBUFFING a last minute PLEA from lawyers for Salim Hamdan, an accused member of Al Qaeda bin Laden's former driver."



Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"OUR," President Barack Hussein Obama

Approximately 63 million people for a variety of reasons including skin color, party affiliation, group think, hope and wish mentality, and "promises of change", voted for our new president Barack Hussein Obama. During the campaign just the mere mention of Obama's middle name was pounced on by the liberal left wing lunatics as "racist," "alarmist," just the republicans trying to scare people into thinking Barack Hussein Obama might be someone we wouldn't want as "our," president. Remember all this ? So in his first week as "our," president, he signs orders allowing American groups to fund abortions overseas, then he signs orders closing Guantanamo prison camp holding terrorists some of whom have already been released and are making videos in Yemen plotting more murderous attacks on the west, and now "OUR," president has finally given his first sit down interview since being elected..  Which American television network would you guess he sat down with to speak for the very first time after 63 million of you voted for him ? Fox ? NBC ? How about ABC ? CNN ? Which one would you guess ? The network "OUR historic," American president sat down with for his first sit down interview was: Al ARABIYA

An Arab network with "our," American president sharing photo space on the front page of their website that day with the president of IRAN Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.. Here is their website: http://www.alarabiya.net/ 

Thank you 63 million duped fools.


Has anyone noticed the influx of infomercials now on stations that not too long ago would never have seen themselves in a position to have to consider this type of programming ? Stations today are so strapped for cash to keep the signal from dying that almost any revenue source is on the table. For local news it's all hands on deck albeit fewer hands than are needed and the future is bleak. Stories deemed newsworthy for local stations today not only have to pass the how important is this to the community tests, but do I have a shooter or reporter to even cover it. 

Today's Body Count Journalism is a diet force fed to all of us over the airwaves in between the hawking of  the "Sham Wow," and the "Slap Chop." infomercials.. 

If it's news, it's news to me..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Slobbering Left

It is absolutely clear that Barack Obama is attempting to create as many government dependents as he can before this country completely runs through it's 200 years of success. The base of the democratic party and Obama support have the or hands out and waiting for the Messiah to fill. When you see people of all types, blacks, whites, "journalists," with their eyes glazed over as tears fall at the site of this man, you had better believe this is more cult like than anything this country has seen since DavidKoresh, or Jim Jones. When you have a "leader," who is not to be questioned, not to be doubted, because the man is black, or historic, or full of hope, or drop in any other form of fear or worship, you are witnessing one of the most frightening cult like socialist eras we have ever known.
We are becoming a nation of people with their hands held out and black Jesus has finally come to fill those hands with an administration based on dependency. We're in serious trouble here and at the rate this man is turning this nation towards a socialist republic where people, industry, banking, and it's people cannot exist without handouts and entitlement programs, this nation and America as we know it is dead. There is a very good chance that we will never recover from just 4 years of thisadministration.
This administration is attempting and could actually succeed in jeopardizing the futures of generations well beyond our own. There seems to be no stopping the lunacy that is upon us.

Friday, January 23, 2009

GREAT NEWS.. I just had to share this right quick..

One day after OUR president signs the order to close GITMO, a top Al Quieda operative once held at Gitmo is in Yemen plotting more attacks. Thank goodness there are only 400 to 500 more to set free huh Mr President ? 

President Obama Ends President Bushes War on Terrorism

Whew.. For a while there I was afraid a liberal left wing democrat would be soft on terrorism..