Friday, January 30, 2009

Al Qaeda MURDERERS Find a Friend IN the White House.

"A federal judge on Thursday REFUSED to postpone the first military trial set for next week at the Guantanamo Bay detention center, REBUFFING a last minute PLEA from lawyers for Salim Hamdan, an accused member of Al Qaeda bin Laden's former driver."


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"OUR," President Barack Hussein Obama

Approximately 63 million people for a variety of reasons including skin color, party affiliation, group think, hope and wish mentality, and "promises of change", voted for our new president Barack Hussein Obama. During the campaign just the mere mention of Obama's middle name was pounced on by the liberal left wing lunatics as "racist," "alarmist," just the republicans trying to scare people into thinking Barack Hussein Obama might be someone we wouldn't want as "our," president. Remember all this ? So in his first week as "our," president, he signs orders allowing American groups to fund abortions overseas, then he signs orders closing Guantanamo prison camp holding terrorists some of whom have already been released and are making videos in Yemen plotting more murderous attacks on the west, and now "OUR," president has finally given his first sit down interview since being elected..  Which American television network would you guess he sat down with to speak for the very first time after 63 million of you voted for him ? Fox ? NBC ? How about ABC ? CNN ? Which one would you guess ? The network "OUR historic," American president sat down with for his first sit down interview was: Al ARABIYA

An Arab network with "our," American president sharing photo space on the front page of their website that day with the president of IRAN Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.. Here is their website: 

Thank you 63 million duped fools.


Has anyone noticed the influx of infomercials now on stations that not too long ago would never have seen themselves in a position to have to consider this type of programming ? Stations today are so strapped for cash to keep the signal from dying that almost any revenue source is on the table. For local news it's all hands on deck albeit fewer hands than are needed and the future is bleak. Stories deemed newsworthy for local stations today not only have to pass the how important is this to the community tests, but do I have a shooter or reporter to even cover it. 

Today's Body Count Journalism is a diet force fed to all of us over the airwaves in between the hawking of  the "Sham Wow," and the "Slap Chop." infomercials.. 

If it's news, it's news to me..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Slobbering Left

It is absolutely clear that Barack Obama is attempting to create as many government dependents as he can before this country completely runs through it's 200 years of success. The base of the democratic party and Obama support have the or hands out and waiting for the Messiah to fill. When you see people of all types, blacks, whites, "journalists," with their eyes glazed over as tears fall at the site of this man, you had better believe this is more cult like than anything this country has seen since DavidKoresh, or Jim Jones. When you have a "leader," who is not to be questioned, not to be doubted, because the man is black, or historic, or full of hope, or drop in any other form of fear or worship, you are witnessing one of the most frightening cult like socialist eras we have ever known.
We are becoming a nation of people with their hands held out and black Jesus has finally come to fill those hands with an administration based on dependency. We're in serious trouble here and at the rate this man is turning this nation towards a socialist republic where people, industry, banking, and it's people cannot exist without handouts and entitlement programs, this nation and America as we know it is dead. There is a very good chance that we will never recover from just 4 years of thisadministration.
This administration is attempting and could actually succeed in jeopardizing the futures of generations well beyond our own. There seems to be no stopping the lunacy that is upon us.

Friday, January 23, 2009

GREAT NEWS.. I just had to share this right quick..

One day after OUR president signs the order to close GITMO, a top Al Quieda operative once held at Gitmo is in Yemen plotting more attacks. Thank goodness there are only 400 to 500 more to set free huh Mr President ? 

President Obama Ends President Bushes War on Terrorism

Whew.. For a while there I was afraid a liberal left wing democrat would be soft on terrorism.. 

Don't Freak Out, It's Only Day 2...

The inaugural bliss has now smacked head on into the realities of having Mr Obama as "our," president. I put the word OUR in parenthesis because I am assuming that there are those who still believe he actually IS the president of us all... The flubbing of the oath of office was merely a hint of what's to come. I have suggested to others who have expressed concern over where we/he is taking our country already by saying, you know, he is OUR president, and we have to hope that he will take his liberal lean closer to a more moderate stance and "hopefully we'll be OK..." My new years resolution to be optimistic even in the grips of a liberal left wing administration is wearing thin. 

By day 2 we know even the beautiful music "played" by the "Inauguration quartet," of Itzhak Perlman, & Yo-Yo Ma, was faked! and we have the Obama administration having him re-taking the oath of office without involvement of any over site other than the white house staff. Nothing but a still photo, and an audio recording NOT intended by the white house to get out. Transparency ??? Like it or not, agree with it or not, love or hatred of media in general aside, the doings of our elected government are intended to be completely out in the open with zero manipulation of journalist who are there specifically to record and disseminate to the public the comings and goings and doings of OUR government. One of Barack Obama's campaign promises was, to conduct a completely transparent administration unlike his assertion that the previous Bush admin "did not." But the Obaman's decided that journalists would just "be in the way," and decided to hand out a white house sponsored photo of this re-take of the oath of office. 

The next bit of news is OUR president is signing orders to CLOSE Guantanamo detention camp.. You know, the place where terrorists who admit being part of the 9-11 attack on OUR country in New York are living ? Remember that ?
OK, c'mon, we're just going to close the facility and we don't yet know where these terrorists are going to go. No big deal... Perhaps we could bring them to America and put them up in a neighborhood near you so they and you can feel more comfortable about how we treat people who commit wholesale murder and slaughter on innocent people next to the statue of liberty.. Now don't freak out folks it's just day 2 of the new Obama presidency. Lets give him time to warm up...

Oh I almost forgot, did I mention Obama by day 2 signing an executive order to lift the ban on GROUPS PROVIDING ABORTIONS OVERSEAS ? You know overseas, where I'm sure abortion clinics are well run, clean, and humane . Give them credit, when it comes to slaughtering the innocent, liberals at least insist on cleanliness..    

OK, so it's only day 2 of the new administration. Let's not freak out and think what we feared might happen would actually happen. Keep in mind it's only day 2 and "yes we can." 

Yes we can forget about the promise of transparency. Yes we can close a facility that holds terrorists who have admitted murdering over 3000 plus Americans. Yes we can promote abortions overseas by lifting the ban on funding groups WITH TAXPAYER MONEY, who do them and it's only day 2! 

God Help Us.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historic ?, Bumbling, Petrified, Stumbling, and Gracious

Lets face it, today's inauguration was a spectacle to be sure for so many reasons, and on so many levels. We now have a president of the United States of America whose undeniably linked to terrorists who bombed buildings inside our country. A business partner to a convicted felon who enabled, and financed his ability to buy his home. A man who for 20 years had a spiritual leader who is an unabashed racist who has god damned America in public, and a man whose wife admitted she had never in all her years, been proud of the United States until she got a shot at living in the white house. Our new Secretary of State who was made a complete public fool of by her own husband who had sex with an intern in the White House, and lied about it under oath. The man nominated by our new president to run the Internal Revenue Service is a tax evader who cheated on his taxes for 4 years. I suppose by some stretch of the imagination given who these people are, this could be looked at as a historic day. Who would have ever in their lifetime expected to see this country elect by such an overwhelming number, people whose character and judgement would come anywhere near where they are.

Times have changed indeed. Our nation has shifted hard to the fringe left where good is now bad, morality is evil, and the odd, weird, and repulsive, is now acceptable. I have to say watching the telecast of all the people gathered with their hope and dreams, was moving. But at the end of the day, when all the celebrating had come to an end, the fact that our nation has moved in such a vulnerable position along the river of morale decay is depressing. Al Quieda, the Taliban, Arab terrorists around the world, anyone who hates democracy need only sit back and wait for the cancer of internal self destruction to take hold.

The high lite of the day was George and Laura Bush. So gracious, so kind, so caring and giving, in the face of such visceral hate. What an inspiring couple. A true patriot, and a man and a woman who embody the spirit and humanity, and grace, that you would want in your children, your friends, and family. You want to talk about inspirational ? The grace in which George and Laura Bush have conducted themselves their entire lives, THAT is inspiring. God Bless you President Bush 41, for instilling the character and goodness in your son that has proven to the world no matter the popularity contests, that standing up for what is right, for loving his family and country more than himself, and for giving the rest of us a shining example to live OUR lives by. In my opinion, the high level of character and grace of George Bush is how we know the depth of depravity in our current leaders and THAT, is where the hate comes from. Even well known scumbags do not appreciate having a symbol of such goodness thrown in their face.
You could see in the eyes and the verbal stumbling of Barack Obama today, that after all of the speeches and pomp, NOW, for the first time in your life, you actually have to DO something.

God Help Us All...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Second Coming ?

Amazing how the media and throngs of socialist cool-aid drinkers are ear marking Barack Hussein Obama's inauguration as our president as if it were the second coming of Christ! We have Montel Williams hawking coins with a picture of John F. Kennedy and Obama, we have Obama making speeches in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial, we have black members of the media slobbering all over themselves as if by some coincidence of skin color, that they too will be living in the white house!  Just now on MSNBC a crawl titled, "Optimism meets skepticism as Obama tries to lower the country's expectations!!!" This is certainly historic, I will agree with that. What we will be reading in history books years from now is that by far, in this time and place in America's presidential history,  America played the biggest joke on itself  in 200 years. "Inspiring the Nation ?" You have got to be kidding me. Inspire ME, with deeds, not hope, not speeches, not your race, your skin color, or your "connections," to Hollywood. You can't inspire me with words Barack, you're going to have to inspire me with deeds. Until then I will find all of this slobbering over the second coming of Christ in the form of Barack Obama the most hilarious hoax America has ever participated in.   

Saturday, January 17, 2009

From Competitive and Insightful, To Incestuous and Unreliable

In 2009 what we all used to know and expect from our various sources of news and information sources, be it radio, television, or newspapers, has finally succumb to stage 4 budget cancer. Today in most major cities with 2 or more "competing" news gathering organizations, you are already, or about to start reading articles in your favorite trusted newspaper written verbatim by someone who gets a paycheck from a newspaper you don't subscribe to. When you flip on your local television news stations (if you even still do this) you aren't likely to recognize any longer if the station you have always watched for whatever reason, shot the video you see or whether the station you don't watch for whatever reason shot it. Should you care ? I'll get to that in a minute-

The disease infecting the news business, is budget cancer. In television the symptoms begin with an acute swelling of individual "too important to lose," anchor type contracts. The intended consumers of television and printed news and sports no longer have the time to sit and ingest the 3 legged chicken, and the car wreck stories to get to the one thing they are interested in so they are flocking to the Internet to read it, lose it, and log it off. You add inflated egos and salaries of the "elite media," types to the reduction in eyeballs, and you get advertisement dollars that don't meet the costs of what we all used to know as credible journalism. Now we have writers from one newspaper writing for competing papers and television networks shooting stories for each other all in an effort to slow down the stage 4 budget cancer by laying off people, reducing costs, and why should anyone really care who isn't in this business anyway ???

Well, one need only compare MSNBC and FOX as just one example of why it might matter. Don't think for one moment that reporters, anchors, photographers, and producers of the content you consume on a daily basis aren't affected and infected with personal bias, political slants, and limitations of all kinds. Is this how you want your information filtered ?

If you think you have trouble sorting out the unbiased truth these days, just wait till the budget cancer hits your town, your newspaper, and your local television station. Individual integrity and journalism, has now been diluted to the point where the consumer will no longer be able to recognize it.

R.I.P. journalism.

Obama Hysteria

Is it just me, or is anyone else completely sick and tired of this hysterical color nonsense related to our new president ? Does anyone with an ounce of brain matter give a rats ass what color this man is ? Well, yes. A lot of people do. Most of them are black. This hysteria over the first black this, the first Hispanic that, the first female with one arm and six toes, is wearing mighty thin on a lot of people who feel they must quietly express their annoyance at why the color of the new president makes any difference to anyone who has a brain in the privacy of their own homes. White people mostly, are the ones who can't understand this color hysteria and here is the overwhelming reason why. For decades now the color of who works for you, with you, the color of your boss, the color of person who screws up your order at McDonald's, etc., etc., etc., just doesn't mean a damn thing to most people with a working brain. The only ones who seem to care what color someone is in our society either on the low end, or the top, are the very ones who have made a viable business out of screaming racisim every chance they get.

For decades and decades in black communities, homes, and now even public schools, children are taught, and have drummed into their growing minds, the racism, segregation, and inequities of times they know absolutely nothing about. Black children grow up being taught that they are "victims," instead of being taught how to rely on their own dignity, self respect, and personal responsibility. While white people are fed a daily diet of manufactured "guilt," by media, black people, and white people who only identify with blacks.

Where is this all going ? What purpose does all these self imposed "victim/guilt," complexes have in our society if not to prolong the notion to yet another generation that the evils of the past that have absolutely nothing to do with anyone today, must be used as a crutch to those who cannot take responsibility for themselves, their families, and their futures.

I couldn't care less what color our next president is. All this hoopla over him being the first black president is without a doubt the most ridiculous, fabricated stretch of fake "feel good," that I have ever witnessed. If this guy fails will you care that he is black ? If he is a resounding success, will it be better or worse for you personally because of the color of his skin ?

One would think by 2009 we would have been practicing what has been preached for decades now that the color of someones skin is far less important than the content of his or her character. But it seems to me that the only ones who refuse to respect this objective exhaled by Martin Luther King, are the very ones who for years and years have repeated it over and over and over, then conveniently ignored it in their daily lives.

Watching Hollywood, the media, and the majority of black people in the United States fall all over themselves to make this presidential inauguration something other than what it really is, is the most laughable, man made, embarrassing hoax, that America has ever played on itself.

God help us all if we don't stop injecting each other with guilt or self respect based on someone Else's pain or accomplishments.