Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"OUR," President Barack Hussein Obama

Approximately 63 million people for a variety of reasons including skin color, party affiliation, group think, hope and wish mentality, and "promises of change", voted for our new president Barack Hussein Obama. During the campaign just the mere mention of Obama's middle name was pounced on by the liberal left wing lunatics as "racist," "alarmist," just the republicans trying to scare people into thinking Barack Hussein Obama might be someone we wouldn't want as "our," president. Remember all this ? So in his first week as "our," president, he signs orders allowing American groups to fund abortions overseas, then he signs orders closing Guantanamo prison camp holding terrorists some of whom have already been released and are making videos in Yemen plotting more murderous attacks on the west, and now "OUR," president has finally given his first sit down interview since being elected..  Which American television network would you guess he sat down with to speak for the very first time after 63 million of you voted for him ? Fox ? NBC ? How about ABC ? CNN ? Which one would you guess ? The network "OUR historic," American president sat down with for his first sit down interview was: Al ARABIYA

An Arab network with "our," American president sharing photo space on the front page of their website that day with the president of IRAN Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.. Here is their website: http://www.alarabiya.net/ 

Thank you 63 million duped fools.

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