Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama Hysteria

Is it just me, or is anyone else completely sick and tired of this hysterical color nonsense related to our new president ? Does anyone with an ounce of brain matter give a rats ass what color this man is ? Well, yes. A lot of people do. Most of them are black. This hysteria over the first black this, the first Hispanic that, the first female with one arm and six toes, is wearing mighty thin on a lot of people who feel they must quietly express their annoyance at why the color of the new president makes any difference to anyone who has a brain in the privacy of their own homes. White people mostly, are the ones who can't understand this color hysteria and here is the overwhelming reason why. For decades now the color of who works for you, with you, the color of your boss, the color of person who screws up your order at McDonald's, etc., etc., etc., just doesn't mean a damn thing to most people with a working brain. The only ones who seem to care what color someone is in our society either on the low end, or the top, are the very ones who have made a viable business out of screaming racisim every chance they get.

For decades and decades in black communities, homes, and now even public schools, children are taught, and have drummed into their growing minds, the racism, segregation, and inequities of times they know absolutely nothing about. Black children grow up being taught that they are "victims," instead of being taught how to rely on their own dignity, self respect, and personal responsibility. While white people are fed a daily diet of manufactured "guilt," by media, black people, and white people who only identify with blacks.

Where is this all going ? What purpose does all these self imposed "victim/guilt," complexes have in our society if not to prolong the notion to yet another generation that the evils of the past that have absolutely nothing to do with anyone today, must be used as a crutch to those who cannot take responsibility for themselves, their families, and their futures.

I couldn't care less what color our next president is. All this hoopla over him being the first black president is without a doubt the most ridiculous, fabricated stretch of fake "feel good," that I have ever witnessed. If this guy fails will you care that he is black ? If he is a resounding success, will it be better or worse for you personally because of the color of his skin ?

One would think by 2009 we would have been practicing what has been preached for decades now that the color of someones skin is far less important than the content of his or her character. But it seems to me that the only ones who refuse to respect this objective exhaled by Martin Luther King, are the very ones who for years and years have repeated it over and over and over, then conveniently ignored it in their daily lives.

Watching Hollywood, the media, and the majority of black people in the United States fall all over themselves to make this presidential inauguration something other than what it really is, is the most laughable, man made, embarrassing hoax, that America has ever played on itself.

God help us all if we don't stop injecting each other with guilt or self respect based on someone Else's pain or accomplishments.

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