Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Second Coming ?

Amazing how the media and throngs of socialist cool-aid drinkers are ear marking Barack Hussein Obama's inauguration as our president as if it were the second coming of Christ! We have Montel Williams hawking coins with a picture of John F. Kennedy and Obama, we have Obama making speeches in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial, we have black members of the media slobbering all over themselves as if by some coincidence of skin color, that they too will be living in the white house!  Just now on MSNBC a crawl titled, "Optimism meets skepticism as Obama tries to lower the country's expectations!!!" This is certainly historic, I will agree with that. What we will be reading in history books years from now is that by far, in this time and place in America's presidential history,  America played the biggest joke on itself  in 200 years. "Inspiring the Nation ?" You have got to be kidding me. Inspire ME, with deeds, not hope, not speeches, not your race, your skin color, or your "connections," to Hollywood. You can't inspire me with words Barack, you're going to have to inspire me with deeds. Until then I will find all of this slobbering over the second coming of Christ in the form of Barack Obama the most hilarious hoax America has ever participated in.   

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