Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historic ?, Bumbling, Petrified, Stumbling, and Gracious

Lets face it, today's inauguration was a spectacle to be sure for so many reasons, and on so many levels. We now have a president of the United States of America whose undeniably linked to terrorists who bombed buildings inside our country. A business partner to a convicted felon who enabled, and financed his ability to buy his home. A man who for 20 years had a spiritual leader who is an unabashed racist who has god damned America in public, and a man whose wife admitted she had never in all her years, been proud of the United States until she got a shot at living in the white house. Our new Secretary of State who was made a complete public fool of by her own husband who had sex with an intern in the White House, and lied about it under oath. The man nominated by our new president to run the Internal Revenue Service is a tax evader who cheated on his taxes for 4 years. I suppose by some stretch of the imagination given who these people are, this could be looked at as a historic day. Who would have ever in their lifetime expected to see this country elect by such an overwhelming number, people whose character and judgement would come anywhere near where they are.

Times have changed indeed. Our nation has shifted hard to the fringe left where good is now bad, morality is evil, and the odd, weird, and repulsive, is now acceptable. I have to say watching the telecast of all the people gathered with their hope and dreams, was moving. But at the end of the day, when all the celebrating had come to an end, the fact that our nation has moved in such a vulnerable position along the river of morale decay is depressing. Al Quieda, the Taliban, Arab terrorists around the world, anyone who hates democracy need only sit back and wait for the cancer of internal self destruction to take hold.

The high lite of the day was George and Laura Bush. So gracious, so kind, so caring and giving, in the face of such visceral hate. What an inspiring couple. A true patriot, and a man and a woman who embody the spirit and humanity, and grace, that you would want in your children, your friends, and family. You want to talk about inspirational ? The grace in which George and Laura Bush have conducted themselves their entire lives, THAT is inspiring. God Bless you President Bush 41, for instilling the character and goodness in your son that has proven to the world no matter the popularity contests, that standing up for what is right, for loving his family and country more than himself, and for giving the rest of us a shining example to live OUR lives by. In my opinion, the high level of character and grace of George Bush is how we know the depth of depravity in our current leaders and THAT, is where the hate comes from. Even well known scumbags do not appreciate having a symbol of such goodness thrown in their face.
You could see in the eyes and the verbal stumbling of Barack Obama today, that after all of the speeches and pomp, NOW, for the first time in your life, you actually have to DO something.

God Help Us All...

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