Friday, January 23, 2009

Don't Freak Out, It's Only Day 2...

The inaugural bliss has now smacked head on into the realities of having Mr Obama as "our," president. I put the word OUR in parenthesis because I am assuming that there are those who still believe he actually IS the president of us all... The flubbing of the oath of office was merely a hint of what's to come. I have suggested to others who have expressed concern over where we/he is taking our country already by saying, you know, he is OUR president, and we have to hope that he will take his liberal lean closer to a more moderate stance and "hopefully we'll be OK..." My new years resolution to be optimistic even in the grips of a liberal left wing administration is wearing thin. 

By day 2 we know even the beautiful music "played" by the "Inauguration quartet," of Itzhak Perlman, & Yo-Yo Ma, was faked! and we have the Obama administration having him re-taking the oath of office without involvement of any over site other than the white house staff. Nothing but a still photo, and an audio recording NOT intended by the white house to get out. Transparency ??? Like it or not, agree with it or not, love or hatred of media in general aside, the doings of our elected government are intended to be completely out in the open with zero manipulation of journalist who are there specifically to record and disseminate to the public the comings and goings and doings of OUR government. One of Barack Obama's campaign promises was, to conduct a completely transparent administration unlike his assertion that the previous Bush admin "did not." But the Obaman's decided that journalists would just "be in the way," and decided to hand out a white house sponsored photo of this re-take of the oath of office. 

The next bit of news is OUR president is signing orders to CLOSE Guantanamo detention camp.. You know, the place where terrorists who admit being part of the 9-11 attack on OUR country in New York are living ? Remember that ?
OK, c'mon, we're just going to close the facility and we don't yet know where these terrorists are going to go. No big deal... Perhaps we could bring them to America and put them up in a neighborhood near you so they and you can feel more comfortable about how we treat people who commit wholesale murder and slaughter on innocent people next to the statue of liberty.. Now don't freak out folks it's just day 2 of the new Obama presidency. Lets give him time to warm up...

Oh I almost forgot, did I mention Obama by day 2 signing an executive order to lift the ban on GROUPS PROVIDING ABORTIONS OVERSEAS ? You know overseas, where I'm sure abortion clinics are well run, clean, and humane . Give them credit, when it comes to slaughtering the innocent, liberals at least insist on cleanliness..    

OK, so it's only day 2 of the new administration. Let's not freak out and think what we feared might happen would actually happen. Keep in mind it's only day 2 and "yes we can." 

Yes we can forget about the promise of transparency. Yes we can close a facility that holds terrorists who have admitted murdering over 3000 plus Americans. Yes we can promote abortions overseas by lifting the ban on funding groups WITH TAXPAYER MONEY, who do them and it's only day 2! 

God Help Us.  

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